The EDEN diet is the diet provided by ADAM's creators who gave him when they deposited him in EDEN.

«I give them from the earth

all plants that produce seeds

and all the trees that bear fruit with seed;


 It is a diet product of plant genetic bio-engineering using ELOHIM technology. Fruit trees retain heavy metals from the soil and offer pure fruit (without metals) with specific vitamins and nutrients for the human body. Its seeds offer live medicines (AMYGDALIN FROM BITTER ALMONDS, CANNABIDIOL, RESVERATROL FROM GRAPE SEEDS, MELATONIN FROM NUTS, ETC.) against cancer and pathogenic microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, etc.) 

It is the proper diet for terrestrial humans who do not want to grow old or get sick. People who follow an EDEN diet remain young without getting sick or dying from cancer throughout their entire lifespan, for example the Hunza.



"...every tree that has fruit that bears seed; this will be your food ." 

Food is what provides vitality, health, cures all diseases and does not age. 



Why do cancer and aging exist on Earth?

To avoid aging or/and dying from cancer, it is necessary to know what aging and cancer are and their reason for existing. Only in this way will we understand what cancer and aging are and be able to control their expression.


Before ADAM arrived on Earth, the planet was already inhabited by pre-ADANIC men or "lulus". They were created by the Anunnaki as slave miners to extract gold from the Earth. 



Haploid genotype of formula n=23(X 0 )

The lulu was a prototype human based on the Galactic Human (HG).
The Galactic Human body is the highest creation of the GIVE/RECEIVE Universe, the Universe of LOVE. 60% of spiritual beings, as much as they incarnate, use the Galactic Human Body as bodily support, in the frequency of the third density.
In the Universe of LOVE, Galactic Humans are always young in body but the immortality of the body exists as long as it is not accidentally injured. There is eternal youth of the body but not eternal life of the body. The difference between mortals and "immortals" lies in youth. They all belong to the frequency of the third density, that is, they all bleed and can die and reincarnate in a new body. The gods are always young but their bodies can die in an accident.
The HG, LIKE THE ELOHIM GODS WITH BOTH SEXES, is a haploid hermaphrodite, it has both sexes but only has the female reproductive genital system.


 Chromosome formula n=24 (XY). 
The X chromosome determines the female reproductive system. The Y chromosome does not determine the male reproductive system, it only initiates the activation of the haploid egg in the female reproductive system. The HG reproduces by self-fertilization when it wants, it does not need insemination from another galactic human. She's a virgin. It is enough for him to wish to clone himself. The newborn is a clone of its parent. An exact copy of himself.
The mining lulu was sterile. It could not reproduce of its own accord because its Anunnaki creators had removed the gene that initiates the activation of the germ cell ("Y" chromosome). It could not procreate as a species and was genetically declared extinct.
The Anunnaki Folic Acid Diet (vegetables, green leafy vegetables)

There was a time when only the Anunnaki diet existed on the planet. It was a raw diet whose only function was to keep pre-ADANIC men alive. The lulus automatically rejuvenated themselves every day. However, the lulus, despite rejuvenating, were not immortal. They had metabolic holes and needed vitamins to plug them and survive. The Anunnaki diet provided them with vitamins and energy, just enough to work as miners with picks and shovels naked under the sun in open-cast gold mines.
The miners were not free to live autonomously on the planet.
At that time galactose (milk) was inaccessible because mammals were wild and predatory. Fructose (fruit) had not yet reached Earth and outside the mining area there were only tannic acid trees (trees without fruit). 
The lulus that escaped died within a few days due to lack of vitamins. Outside the mining enclosure the lulus lulus had their days numbered. 

They could not eat leaves of tannic trees  because they caused astringency and diarrhea.  Tannin is  astringent and when ingested causes sudden dryness of the intestinal mucosa, reducing its function and hindering intestinal absorption while causing diarrhea.    

They could not eat folic acid vegetable leaves, "greens" Folic acid plants were not free in nature. They were grown in indoor hydroponics in the mining area.  The leaves of folic acid vegetables house and feed bacteria on their surface that produce vitamin K1, essential for blood clotting. The lulus could bleed to death if they did not eat green leafy vegetables from the Anunnaki diet daily. The leaves produced all the vitamins the lulus needed to plug their metabolic holes on a daily basis. If they escaped from the mining site  they died from lack of vitamins.

They could not eat eggs 
 (of reptiles, amphibians and birds) because the eggs contain avidin,  a glycoprotein that destroys vitamin B8. Without vitamin B8 you lose strength and fall to the ground...Avidin is destroyed by heat but they did not have fire to cook food and they only knew how to eat raw.

They could not eat fish, crustaceans, or mollusks  because they contain thiaminase, an enzyme that destroys thiamine (vit. B1). Without vitamin B1 they lost strength and fell to the ground...Thiaminase is destroyed by heat but they had no fire to cook the food and they ate everything raw. They could not eat animal meat (mammals, reptiles and saurians) because the lulus produced salivary and gastric haptocorrin that blocked the intestinal absorption of vitamin B12. No vit. B12 the lulus became demyelinated, lost strength and fell to the ground...  


Not even cannibalism  saved them from certain death because the prions accumulated in their bodies and caused Alzheimer's or Kuru or spongiform encephalopathy or any other disease caused by prions. 

The Anunnaki agenda

The Anunnaki were reptilians who wanted gold from the Earth. They created the perfect miner.



The way the body regenerates and repairs itself describes the type of self regenerative medicine it uses.
The lulu worked non-stop, from sunrise to sunset. During his workday his muscle cells suffered enormous physical wear and tear. Many died from thermal shock or traumatic shock. At the end of the day's work, the lulu had lost millions of muscle cells and all kinds of cells. Cellular wear from intense muscular work was not a problem. The lulus were created with a "REJUVENATION type regenerative medicine" system.
 The lulus had a type of regenerative medicine that allowed total rejuvenation.
 They had genetics that provided them with a CANCEROUS METABOLISM governed by an ONCOGENE. Its cells functioned exclusively in ANAEROBIC METABOLISM and cell plasia or tissue formation was carried out by the FREE GPR-55 PROTEIN. Their cells were SINGLE cells, they had a single nucleus WITHOUT TELOMERES. All cells could divide to give rise to new cells. In this way they managed to create all the cells that were necessary to replace the dead ones. Every day they FULLY REGENERATED. Their NATURAL CELLULAR THERAPY TYPE REJUVENATION allowed them to always live in a young and vigorous body but they could die, for example from an accident.
Anaerobic metabolism is 200 times faster than the aerobic metabolism of modern men. The lulus could work as miners, pick and shovel, from Sun to Sun, without rest. Cancer cells are all anaerobic, can constantly divide without stopping, and are governed by the oncogene. The cancerous metabolism is the rejuvenating metabolism of the pre-ADAMICS. It is the metabolism of "eternal youth" in the lulus.
 For pre-ADANIC people, the physiological behavior was to live with anaerobic metabolism without worrying about the number of cells that died bursting every day due to their intense work or small injuries. Every morning, when they woke up, they were totally regenerated. Totally rejuvenated and strong for a new day of intense work in the mine. His main concern was not to have a fatal accident.
Although the lulus fully regenerated each day, their neurons could not be replaced with new ones. Neurons are cells that can measure more than 1 meter. They are millions of times larger than a stem cell. The cells of the lulus could divide endlessly, but they could not give rise to cells millions of times larger than themselves. The neurons were not replaced. To prevent the aging of neurons, the lulus were fed the Anunnaki diet, a set of folic acid vegetables. Folic acid is not a metal chelator, so green leafy vegetables were grown hydroponically, to prevent them from absorbing and containing metals from the soil. Heavy metals damage cells, age them and kill them. But still,
When the neurons were no longer useful for mining, the lulus self-destructed due to autoimmunity. Immune memory cells recognized spent neurons and ordered their destruction. An autoimmune attack against the neurons developed and the lulus died within a short time of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Also today, humans who choose to live with the lulus' anaerobic metabolism run the risk of prematurely aging their peripheral nervous system and suffering a self-destructive attack by their immune system. ALS is common in athletes.

ACTIVATED Vitamin D type muscle strength (calcitriol)

The lulu had a lot of muscle strength thanks to a rapid anaerobic metabolism and a power amplifier, a metabolite of vitamin D that was activated during intense exercise under solar ultraviolet light, and the many receptors body values ​​for that metabolite 1,25 (OH) 2 cholecalciferol (calcitriol). However, it had few body receptors for vitamin D. Reptilians had 10 times more receptors for vitamin D, making them 10 times stronger than lulus. During the day, working naked under the sun, he had a lot of strength, but at dusk he lost it, to the point that in the dark he could practically not move. At night no one could escape from the mining site. 

circadian cycle.

The physiology of the lulu was a physiology of intense muscular work. The physiological rhythm of muscular work was directed by the hypothalamus of the brain.


The work schedule in the mine was from sunrise to sunset. It was a repetitive cycle, every day of the year in a circadian cycle from 8 in the morning to 8 in the afternoon with intermittent stops to eat during the hours of maximum sunshine because, When the Sun was at the zenith, the lulus' body surface area exposed to the Sun was the smallest. Cortisol peaks (automatic) coincided with hours of intense work. Their descents coincided with meals.

His temperature, his blood pressure, his hormone production and ultimately his strength corrected automatically, second by second, according to the inclination and intensity of the sun's ultraviolet light on his skin. She just had to dig and chop. Her muscular performance was optimized based on light. He was the perfect miner. The more he dug, the more brain morphine he secreted and the more pleasure he experienced.
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They had an endorphin-based reward system that your brain produced directly proportional to your physical effort in muscular work. The greater the effort, the greater the reward in the form of endorphins. This reward mechanism, although residual, still persists in the ADAM human body, and some athletes exploit it to obtain pleasure during exercise.
The circadian cycle experiences a drag phenomenon in which the circadian rhythm, even if it is momentarily disrupted by a change in the location of the subject, to another time zone, even in a locked room in the dark, the rhythm is automatically retuned according to the place where the clock is located. man. The trawl window is 23.5 hours (Earth day). to 24.65 h. (Mars day). Thanks to drag, the lulu, and also modern man, could be synchronized for work both on Mars and on Earth.

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------

The genetics and metabolism of lulu were the one with cancer.

The lulu's intense muscular work was possible thanks to its anaerobic metabolism cells. Anaerobic metabolism is 200 times faster than the current human aerobic metabolism. Glucose was the base fuel and was transformed by glycolysis into pyruvate. Pyruvate continued to degrade through lactic fermentation (without the presence of oxygen) to lactate, while producing energy in the form of Adenosine Tri-Phosphate (ATP) molecules. 

Working intensely naked under the sun, vitamin D was activated to vitamin 1,25(OH)2 cholecalciferol, a muscle strength amplifier.
Tissues damaged in intense muscular work were continually repaired by new cells. All lulu cells lacked a telomere and could divide to create new cells; and at the same time all the cells could specialize as somatic cells typical of the tissue where they were born. Cellular plasia for tissue regeneration was governed by an oncogene that codified for the enzyme M2- Tumor Pyruvate Kinase (M2-PK-T). This enzyme accelerated the glycolysis of glucose in the cytosol of all cells. It activates anaerobic metabolism to produce energy with which to feed the new cells that are formed in tissue repair, through its action on a free protein, GPR-55, in charge of cell plasia. The M2-PK-T of anaerobic metabolism is present in all modern human cancers.


The Anunnaki were reptilian squatters and their lulu mining agenda did not please the true owners of the Planet, the Elohim.
The Elohim closed the Anunnaki agenda and decided to give the lulus time to have the opportunity to know and learn how the Universe of Love works. They 
provided them with genetics that made lulu behavior difficult for them (working for another from Sun to Sun without rest) and facilitated the appropriate behavior for learning LOVE. Those who at the end of the time given for learning passed the test of LOVE could stay in this Give/Receive universe. Those who should not repeat a course. The Elohim sent an A.D.A.N. to the earth. 

A.D.A.N. was an Accelerated Desoxyribo Acid Nucleic .

ADAM (original name ADAN) was a Haploid hermaphrodite with the formula n=24(XY). With chromosome Y in chromatic use 24 and X in 23. It is a model that here on Earth was used by the descendants of ADAM through the haploid route.

Karyotype n=24(XY)

ADAM was a human prototype based on the Galactic Human but with a penis, designed in Sirius A. In the Galactic Human the Y chromosome carries the order to activate the egg in the female apparatus but not the formation of a penis as occurs in the terrestrial man. . Jesus did not impregnate or impregnate anyone. Galactic Humans do not practice sex but LOVE, which is the Universal law that governs this GIVE/RECEIVE Universe. Although Terrestrial humans neither see it nor know it.

GALACTIC HUMAN ADAM                       

The ape (animal) was created in the fifth phase of Creation. Its number is 5 and its Golden ratio is 1-1.5. The Galactic Human was created in phase 7. Its Golden Ratio is 1-1.7.
The current man emerged from the animal level 5 and the divine level 7. His number is 5 + 7/2 = 6. And his Golden ratio is 1-1.6. The proportions of him are 1-1.6. For example, if the third phalanx of a finger measures 1 cm. The second will measure 1.6 times the size of the third phalanx, that is, 1.6 cm. and the first will measure 1.6 times what the second measures, that is, 2.56.

Beauty in the human species depends on the conservation of its Golden ratio.

ADAM and other haploid hermaphrodites incarnated on Earth with a Golden Ratio of level 7. Because of their physiognomy they were easily recognized among themselves, because of their proportion and because they all had the same face. They were all clones of a standard model. They reproduced by budding (Galactic Human without a penis) when they wanted, or by self-fertilization like ADAM WITH A PENIS. For example, Maria (galactic human) was a virgin because she did not need anyone's penis to give birth to a haploid hermaphrodite body like hers where she would incarnate Jesus n = 24 (XY). The blood of Jesus, as Ron Wyatt demonstrated here on Earth was from a haploid n=24(XY).  



The diploid heterosexual reproduction line  was carried out by fertilizing EVA, who was a 2n=46(XX) diploid female. The children of ADAM that EVA (= EVE) gave birth to were always male.
The haploid hermaphrodite reproduction line  was created by fertilizing himself. Haploid descendants were clones of himself. 
Haploid descendants of Adam:
 Seth, Enos, Cainan, Mahalalel, Jered, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech and Noah. All identical to each other. The haploid hermaphrodite descendants of ADAM (Set, Enos, Cainan, Mahalalel, Jéred, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech, and Noe.), fertilizing diploid women, only engendered male children because the X chromosome of the woman, with Barr's chromatin gene, destroyed in the newly formed zygote to the X chromosome donated by the haploid father n=24(XY). For this reason, the children of ADAM and his haploid descendants were born DIPLOIDS 2n=46(XY) but not 2n=47(XXY) hermaphrodites. A single race of man with separate male and female sex and the same number of chromosomes was wanted, but not 3 sexes with males and females with 46 chromosomes and hermadroditic with 47 chromosomes. Noah was the last haploid hermaphrodite. He lost his balls over there on Mount Ararat at the hands of his son Ham, 
THE CURSE OF CANAAN (THE SECOND ORIGINAL SIN): The reptilians stole haploid reproduction from the righteous.
The patriarch Noah was a haploid hermaphrodite. A single set of chromosomes n=24(XY). It had both sexes, a female reproductive system generated by the X chromosome and a male reproductive system generated by the Y chromosome. It was identical to the initial ADAM. 

NOAH was a haploid hermaphrodite, a direct descendant of ADAM through the haploid hermaphrodite line. He had 4 diploid children through the heterosexual line with his diploid wife 2n = 46 (XX). His sons: Japheth, Seth and Ham. The fourth son, YonTon, did not want to go up to the ark and wall in the Flood. Noah's wife was reptilian ("of service to self") and his son Ham WAS 50% REPTILIAN (FROM THE RECEIVE UNIVERSE) like his mother and 50% JUST (FROM THE GIVE/RECEIVE UNIVERSE) LIKE HIS FATHER.
It happened that in the ark NOAH told his son Ham that he already felt old and that he was going to have another son to take care of him in his old age. Cam knew that his father was a haploid hermaphrodite and unlike his ancestors, she had not yet given birth to any haploid hermaphrodite (a clone of himself) THAT CONTINUED THE LINE OF HERMAPHRODITE SUCCESSION. He intuited that he would impregnate himself to obtain a good son (fair, 100% of the Universe GIVE/RECEIVE) like him who would continue the will of the Elohim on Earth. The haploid hermaphrodite line was exclusive to humans "of service to others" and offered more powers than the diploid line of separate sexes. 
Ham patiently waited for the opportunity to steal the haploid hermaphroditic line from the righteous for his reptilian descendants. 
After the Flood, on Mount Ararat, NOAH planted a vineyard with EDEN seeds.

 I fill it with vines. The day of the harvest arrived. She got wine and drank and drank. He got more and more drunk and Cam watched from outside the store. Drunk, he took off his clothes to be more comfortable. Naked in the store he was still drinking and Cam watching. He finally lost consciousness and fell to the ground. Cam took the opportunity to rape his father and impregnated him. Now his reptilian seed was inside Noah's womb. Not content with acquiring the diploid line for the bad guys, he tied NOAH's testicles with a rope and tore them off, forever removing the haploid line from the good guys.
When Noah woke up from his drunkenness and saw that his testicles were missing, he knew what his son Ham had done to him. He screamed to the sky. He did not dwell on cursing his son Cam, who already knew that he was a son of... but directly cursed the fruit of his womb, and said: 

Cursed be Canaan!
Let him be a slave to
his brothers' slaves!
And he added:
Blessed be the Lord,
God of Shem!
May Canaan be his slave!
May God enlarge Japheth,
may the tents of Shem welcome her
, and may Canaan be her slave!

After the flood, Noah lived three hundred and fifty years.
He died at the age of nine hundred and fifty years.

NOAH gave birth to Canaan through the hermaphroditic haploid pathway. Her parents were Ham and  NOAH. Canaan was the first DIPLOID hermaphrodite of the fifth humanity. His diploid hermaphrodite descendants today dominate the commercial and political-military world.

Adam's Mission

ADAM's mission was to fertilize and impregnate lulus to create a new race of ADAM humans. The result of hybridization is the creation of the fertile Terrestrial Human with separate sexes (male + female).


Male Phenotype Male Genotype 2n=46(XY)



Female phenotype Female genotype 2n=46 (XX)



Creation of the Exact Version of ADAN  (=EVE)

So that the ADANIC male man 2n=46(XY) would not be alone in the future but would be with more 100% ADANIC male men, EVE was created to give him male children, and the woman was advised not to wear " men's clothes."
At first a female companion (feminine man) was proposed for ADAM who would be the most similar to him. They introduced him to Lilit. She was genetically the same as ADAM but they had removed her Y chromosome SO SHE LACKED A PENIS. Her X chromosome was Neanderthal like ADAM's Y and they both produced androgens.

Lilit was the closest thing to ADAM.

Lilit Phenotype Lilit Karyotype


But Lilit did not accept the offer, claiming that - with one less chromosome - she and her descendants would always be below ADAM. She left EDEN.
Then she converted ADAM himself to his feminine form.
To obtain the female form of her EVE she was created from 2 ADAM cells and an enucleated egg 

1.- A cell (haploid) from ADAM n=24(XY) had its Y chromosome destroyed, leaving n=23(X0)

2.- Another cell (haploid) from ADAM (n=24(XY) also had its Y chromosome destroyed, leaving n=23(X0)

3.- An ADAM egg had its chromosomes removed from its nucleus

4.- The two cell nuclei were then inserted into the previously enucleated cell, thus obtaining a diploid ovule with the formula 2n=46(XX)

5.-Then the cellular duplication of the Zygote was activated and it was implanted in the uterus of ADAM.

And ADAM gave birth to EVE his exact female version, who only had a female reproductive system. 


The X chromosomes of the   EVA woman are of Sirius A origin and produce estrogen but not androgens as the terrestrial Y chromosome of the current man does, which comes from ADAM through the Neanderthal route, or the X of the lulus (Cro-Magnon route). ). 

 The X chromosomes of women contain the gene for Chromatin or Barr's corpuscle. This gene causes the inactivation of the homologous X chromosome so that in each cell of a woman, although there are 2 X chromosomes, one of them inactivates the other. In each female cell only a single X chromosome functions, the other remains inactivated, condensed, appearing as a corpuscle. Female cells are a mosaic, in some the X chromosome inherited from the father remains activated and in others the X chromosome inherited from the mother remains activated but not both at the same time.  
The function of the Barr chromatin gene was and is to prevent women fertilized by haploid hermaphrodites like ADAM from generating diploid hermaphrodite children. In the human species, the The children of ADAM with EVE were always males with chromosomal arrangement 2n=46(XY), having lost an X chromosome contributed by the father ADAM. In this way, the terrestrial human species would have 2 separate sexes, it would only have diploid male specimens 2n=46(XY) and diploid female specimens 2n=46(XX), but not diploid hermaphrodites 2n=47(XXY). 
The X and Y sex chromosomes are not a pair of homologous chromosomes. The X is anchored to chromatic use 23 and the Y to 24. The woman's

The Adamic male has 24 different chromosomes functioning as in ADAM. The human male is 100% Adamic.

The woman has 23 different chromosomes working. The human woman is 95.83% Adamic. 
In the Galactic Human, the female reproductive system also has an exit hole for the newborn. All terrestrial human fetuses also have such an opening. In women it originates the vulva but in men it closes. ADAM's Y chromosome incorporated a gene that inactivated part of the X chromosome of the human ADAM genome. It produces fetal involution of the female reproductive system. The tubes, uterus, vagina and vulva close, although the testicles descend. In man, despite having genetic information in his X chromosome to give rise to a complete female reproductive system, only the male reproductive system remains and a genetic scar that runs from the anus to the end of the penis.
Barr's chromatin gene also served to rescue lulus that were sterile because they lacked a Y chromosome and therefore lacked the egg-activating gene. Rescuing them involved giving them a Y chromosome so they could reproduce. The children of ADAM through the diploid route (male men 2n=46 (XY) generated both males and females in the lulus. Males when they gave up the chromosomal garrison with the Y chromosome, and females when they gave up the chromosomal garrison with the Barr's chromatin gene inactivated the lulu X chromosome. The X chromosome of the lulu came from the Cro-Magnon ape and encoded more androgens than the the one inactivated by the X chromosome of the men of Adamic origin,
With Lilit's refusal, and the entry of EVA, "self-serving" reptilians were pleased that EVA was physically weaker than the male Man. The dominance of the Cain-type man over the woman was ensured so that he could rape her and fertilize her at her whim so that the expansion of the future 5th reptilian humanity would increase. However, men were different from women. The usual homosexual attraction between macho men was not reproductive. Since the fourth density, billions of reptilian spirits wanted men to fertilize women by the numbers, so that they would give birth to new human bodies in which to incarnate. The reptilians "of service to themselves" both from the Syrian B Egyptian archetype (Osiris, Horus, Isis), and from the Nibiru Hebrew archetype (Yahveh, Anu, Huitzilpochtli), already incarnated in human bodies, they were opposed to homosexuality and abortion. They wanted more of their own to enter the planet and to achieve this they mistreated homosexuals and women who aborted. 
ADAM impregnated EVE who gave birth to male men, but not daughters. The male men given birth by EVA fertilized lulus. The lulus gave birth to sons and daughters. The two races of pre-ADAMIC and ADANIC men merged into a single white race, the current man, fifth humanity. At the end of the long hybridization, when all men were born of women, the Universal Flood came, which ended with the ETERNALLY YOUNG PRE-ADAMICS OF REGENERATIVE MEDICINE FOR REJUVENATION.


The first original sin

 ADAM and EVE were just humans of this GIVE/RECEIVE UNIVERSE, they were good, altruistic, agenda to others. The Elohim advised EVE and ADAM not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. That they limited themselves to living without investigating or knowing anything new, neither good nor evil, so that Evil would not enter EDEN. The reptilians of the RECEIVE universe, evil, egotistical, with an agenda to themselves, wanted to incarnate in the new ADAMIC bodies at all costs. 
Eve, from the "tree of Good and Evil" ate of evil.  A reptilian who lived in EDEN impregnated EVA. She got reptilian spirits to incarnate again in the bodies of terrestrial humans.
 ADAM and EVE failed to protect EDEN from the reptilians. Reptilians would be part of the human species. Just and bad would be mixed. Lambs and wolves in sheep's clothing would live together embodied in the same human body, indistinguishable to the naked eye. Only by their acts would they be distinguished. On Earth there would be no more peace because the specialty of the bad guys was lying, stealing, killing...they are happy experiencing those low frequencies typical of their RECEIVE UNIVERSE.

4  And Adam knew Eve, his wife, who had desired the angel, and she conceived by Sama'el, the angel of the Lord, and gave birth to Cain; and she said: 'I have   obtained the angel of the Lord for a man'   -black angel-

 Then she gave birth to her brother Abel.  --stepbrother--   And Abel was a shepherd of sheep, and Cain was a husbandman of the land.

EVA was diploid 2n=46(XX). It had 2  chromosomal arrangements. Her egg contained a chromosome lining. Sama 's sperm transmitted the other garnish. The Cain zygote had 2 chromosomal attachments, one from EVA (for service to others) and the other from the reptilian Sama (for service to himself). Each chromosome garnish can harbor one spirit. In Cain they embodied a spirit of service to others in the chromosomal garrison that EVA provided, and a spirit of service to oneself that the reptilian Sama provided .       
Cain had a "receive/receive" will on his reptilian father's side and a "give/receive" will on his mother's side. The will to receive was more evident than the will to "give." she lived off the Anunnaki Kit. There were only seeds of folic acid and vitamin K1-producing bacteria in the Kit because it was designed to feed the rejuvenating cancerous metabolism lulus. It did not contain animals. She only grew and ate leafy green vegetables.

Cain tilled, planted, watered, and sweated with anaerobic metabolism, harvesting folic vegetables all year round. He was reptilian and his lulu metabolism (anaerobic pathway and M2-PK enzyme) served the reptilian Gods. He spent the day working, taking care of his garden but not generating love. 
Abel calmly grazed with aerobic metabolism and M1-PK enzyme (non-tumoral Pyruvate Kinase), without getting tired. His flocks cleaned his vineyard where phytic trees grew, from their Elohim Gods. His flocks ate the herbs on the ground, keeping the vineyard in conditions so that the fruit trees grew and bore more and better fruit. he obtained fruit year after year without having to till the land. Abel did not work against the ground, the trees and the sheep fed him for free so he could spend the day generating love.

Abel planted a vineyard by sowing fruit tree seeds from the EDEN Kit.

He did not work intensely year after year, his sheep and goats cut the weeds at ground level and the fruit trees grew without competition. The bees pollinated the phytic fruit trees of EDEN while producing sweet fructose honey. The trees gave him sweet fructose fruits without having to bend his back. His seeds gave him live anti-anaerobic cell medicines (anti-cancer, anti-pathogenic microorganisms). Abel listened to a God who gave him good advice, to whom he was able to give an offering of lamb in his vineyard. Cain did not pay attention to the recommendations of the God of Abel.

3  And as time went on, Cain brought an offering of the fruit of the ground to the Lord.

 And Abel also brought of the firstborn of his sheep, of the fattest of them. And the LORD looked with favor on Abel and on his offering;

 but he did not look with favor on Cain and his offering. And Cain was very angry, and his countenance fell.



"You shall not sow your vineyard with two kinds of seed, lest all the fruit of the seed you have sown and the produce of the vineyard become useless."

The fruit of the seed you plant depends on the type of seed you use. If you plant Anunnaki seeds of folic acid, it will give you green leafy vegetables that will serve as maintenance but not food, that is, you will stay alive but you will age and get sick (cancer, infections, etc.).

If you plant Elohim seeds of phytic acid, they will give you fruits that will serve as food, that is, they will nourish you, protect you against aging and prevent you from getting sick from anaerobic agents (cancer, infections, etc.). The fruit of the phytic seed is the phytic fruit and the product of the vine is health and youth. In EDEN there was no illness or aging. 

Genesis  of aging

With ADAM came the Y chromosome but also mitochondria, aerobic metabolism, the tumor suppressor gene, telomeres, among other genetic innovations such as chaperones and more receptors for vitamin D so that the ADAM man would not lose strength at nightfall. as happened to the lulus. His genetics was going to provide advantages and disadvantages to the new ADAMIC MEN that originated after the hybridization of Father ADAM with the pre-ADAMICS.
The genetics of today's ADANIC man provide an aerobic metabolism governed by a tumor suppressor gene.  Its cells are binary, a small one included in a large one. The nucleus of the great was the lulu and the ADAM and contains the DNA THAT ALLOWS THE CANCEROUS ANAEROBIC METABOLISM of the lulus. The nucleus of the little one contains MITOCHONDRIAL DNA from ADAM WHICH ALLOWS THE AEROBIC METABOLISM of modern man.
The cells of today's man have telomeres. Telomeres are DNA that start chromosomes and serve the cell to count the cell divisions it makes to create new cells. Every time a cell divides it creates a new daughter cell but loses a telomere. Cells that can divide are "stem cells" and have 60 telomeres. They can only divide 60 times and do not specialize like somatic daughter cells. The daughter cells have all telomeres blocked and cannot divide. They are somatic cells that form the different tissues of the human body.


Its aerobic metabolism is 200 times slower than anaerobic metabolism. It is a metabolic loop (Krebs cycle) to slow the production of energy in terrestrial humans so that they cannot work pick and shovel, from Sun to Sun, in open pit mines without stopping to rest. 

Stem cells have 60 telomeres. Telomeres are the repetitive ends of DNA that begin chromosomes. Its function is to count cell divisions of stem cells. Every time a stem cell splits in half to create a new daughter cell, a telomere is lost. Stem cells can only divide 60 times. When a stem cell spends its last telomere, it can no longer divide and aging begins in that area.
The physiology of the terrestrial human has a pattern of ANTI-AGING Cellular Therapy, and defines a natural mortal regenerative medicine that only serves to replace dead cells of natural death, which is cell suicide or apoptosis. Cells that die accidentally killed (NOT SUICIDED) are not replaced but substituted, borrowed from cell divisions reserved for future decades. When the new terrestrial man, ADAM, squanders and squanders cells, he ages. Reaching the depleted decades of cells, his appearance will be old. In those decades he will miss the cells he once lent to repair his negligence.
The programmed life of a cell is 10 years. At the end of its useful life, planned obsolescence, it commits suicide to make way for another new young cell to take its place. The 60 telomeres give for cell replacement only for a limited time. From the conception of the zygote to the birth, the newborn has already spent 48 telomeres in embryogenesis. It only has 12 telomeres to stay young for 120 years. Well managed with each telomere you can stay completely young for an entire decade. If it doesn't waste cells, every 10 years it opens a new body, as young and vital as in the previous decade.

"And his days will be one hundred and twenty years."

The natural regenerative medicine of today's man is time-limited anti-aging to a longevity of "And his days will be one hundred and twenty years." But with one condition: That cells are not wasted.

The problem of heavy metals

The Earth has suffered several cosmic cataclysms. Meteorites have literally covered the planet's surface with heavy metals.

Heavy metals damage and kill cells. ADAM HUMANS WERE EXPOSED FROM THE BEGINNING TO THE HARMFUL ACTION OF METALS. To prevent premature aging, they were provided with a protective diet against metals.



"...every tree that has fruit that bears seed; this will be your food ." 

Food is what provides vitality, health, cures all diseases and does not age.

 " Everything that moves and lives will be your  maintenance : just as the vegetables and green plants, I have given you everything."

The " maintenance " diet is a diet that  does not cure but ages, it only keeps you alive for the time you consume it. This is the case of the Anunnaki diet, green leafy vegetables.

Cutting fruit trees is prohibited

19  " When you lay siege to a city for many days, fighting against it to take it, you shall not destroy its trees by laying your ax against them; you shall not cut them down, for you may eat of them. For is the tree of the field a man to be make room?"

20  " Only the trees that you know do not bear fruit can you destroy and cut down, to build siege engines against the city that is at war with you, until it falls."

The EDEN Survival Kit is completed with two resins, myrrh from Commiphora myrrha, and frankincense from Boswellia sacra.


 ADANIC men live longer and better if they use gold, frankincense and myrrh daily. Gold is a metal that is used as currency among men who do not want to become poor or for others to become rich. World gold production is limited. The world production of money is unlimited. In societies where gold is used as currency, wealth has a limit and the rich do not become super rich. Your wealth is limited to the amount of gold available. In societies where fiat money is used (paper not backed by gold, it depends on the credit and trust it deserves), the rich can become super rich. They just have to print money. To prevent the reptilians from becoming rich and dominating humanity, the gold standard is necessary. 

With the gold standard, the slavery of forced labor by abundant fiduciary money is avoided. Paper money can turn the ADANIC human into a miner and force him to work for another with his pre-ADANIC genetics until he dies of cancer or/and gets old.
Myrrh was not presented as a perfume for newborn balms or incense to perfume nativity scenes but to avoid cancer, infections and autoimmune disease, the three health problems to be avoided by the ADAMIAN man.


The main causes of aging are the  1 heavy metals in folic vegetables, the 2 prions in meat and the 3 chronic lack of vitamins after cooking food.         

The kit contained docile animals that provided lactose, and anti-heavy metal vegetables: phytic acid vegetables (fruit trees) and phytate-dependent bacteria. Its function was to feed the new humanity that would emerge from ADAM. The phytic acid fruits provided everything necessary to feed man and prevent him from aging and getting sick from heavy metals.

A "heavy metal" is considered any element of the periodic table, whether metallic or not, that damages and kills cells. They are generally metallic elements with an atomic number greater than 8, BUT THE MOST HARMFUL ONE IS NOT METALLIC. PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER 1 IS FLUORINE.
The metals are found in the soil, the plants absorb them through the roots and if they do not have a chelator they are injured and age. Such is the case of the green leafy vegetables and vegetables of the Anunnaki diet. They all use folic acid, which is not a metal sequester. Green leafy vegetables, grown in soil, contain metals and when eaten transmit their metals. That is why they only serve as maintenance, they keep alive but they age and do not cure anything. Eating Anunnaki vegetables is equivalent to eating metals. It is equivalent to getting old.
Animals that eat each other acquire heavy metals from their victims. The more they eat, the more metals accumulate in their meats. Eating animals is equivalent to eating metals. It is equivalent to getting older.


The natural phytate of phytic acid plants (bitter almond, cherry, plum, apricot, peach, walnut, hazelnut, pistachio, carob, pear, apple, fig, vine, date tree, cannabis, wheat and sesame) is myo - inositol calcium magnesium hexaphosphate (phytin). It is produced in vegetables that use phytic acid as a heavy metal chelator. After the union of phytic acid with calcium and magnesium to phosphates, phytin-type phytate is created.     
Its function is to sequester heavy metals that are absorbed by the roots. In phytic vegetables it acts as a chelator so that the vegetables are not affected or age prematurely. The trapped heavy metals are imprisoned in the woody fibers. They do not reach the leaves or fruits. The fruits of phytic vegetables do not contain metals and do not cause aging due to heavy metals. They are pure foods. In the human body, phytin does the same thing as in plants: It sequesters metals and retains them in a safe place, the lumen, so that they do not pass into the body.  In the lumen of the digestive tract, phytin binds to everything ingested. After ingestion of 

 phytic fruit and phytic vegetables (bitter almond, cherry, plum, apricot, peach, walnuts, hazelnut, pistachio, carob, pear, apple, fig, grape, date, cannabis, wheat and sesame), during digestion phytin binds to everything ingested: carbohydrates, fat. amino acids, proteins, metals, toxins, etc. Next, the phytase enzyme produced by phytate-dependent intestinal bacteria such as Bacillus subtilis intervenes . Bacillus subtilis only feeds on phytin, so it is only abundant, as intestinal flora, in phytic frugivores, but not in vegetarians, carnivores, or omnivores, which age and get sick.    
The intestinal flora is responsible for breaking down what is ingested and feeds on what it eats. Carnivores feed and cultivate anaerobic carnivorous flora in a process of meat putrefaction. This type of flora favors bacteremia and septicemia. Herbivores feed and cultivate herbivorous intestinal flora in a process of anaerobiotic fermentation of vegetables. This type of flora favors meteorism or gas formation. Phytic frugivores feed and cultivate phytate-dependent aerobic frugivorous intestinal flora. This type of flora produces all the vitamins necessary for man: Vitamin. A, E, K2, B1, B2, B3. B4, B5. B6, B7, B8, B9, B12 and C,  and it doesn't upset anything. In non-phytic vegetarians and carnivores, their intestinal flora, fermentative and putrid, does not separate nutrients from heavy metals. In its impure digestion everything is absorbed, both nutrients and heavy metals. Not even non-phytic frugivores, those who only eat tropical fruits, are free from heavy metals. Tropical fruits are not phytic acid. Aliens traveling from planet to planet plant seeds of tropical fruit trees to have fruit to eat at any time. They have rejuvenation-type regenerative medicine and do not need the fruits to contain metal chelators. They don't age no matter what they eat.  
Phytase breaks the bonds between phytin and natural elements with an atomic number less than 9 and Ca, P and Mg. In this way, only nutrients made up of light atoms, H, C, O and N, the atoms of life, are basically released. Thanks to the joint action of phytin and phytase, only pure nutrients that do not  
cause aging are absorbed and passed into the blood.
The other nutrients bound to natural elements with an atomic number greater than 8, such as fluorine, cadmium, lead, mercury, etc., are not released from phytin and are not absorbed. They do not pass the phytase filter and are eliminated through feces during defecation.
In this way, thanks to the phytin/phytase duo, the body frees itself from the heavy metals it ingests in food. Body cells are not damaged by heavy metals and aging does not occur as a result. This is the secret of eternal youth in EDEN.
Some farmers use preparations based on synthetic phytase concentrates. In large doses, phytase hydrolyzes all the chemical bonds it finds, both those of light atoms of life like the heavy atoms of aging. Livestock fed heavy doses of phytase, especially goats, lambs and cows, are nourished by everything, both pure nutrients and impure nutrients. The end result is that cattle grow and gain weight very quickly. Their meats are rich in heavy metals. They don't usually have time to age visibly because they end up in the slaughterhouse sooner. Eating lamb, goat or beef from animals fed with high doses of synthetic phytase ages faster than eating horse, chicken, pork or rabbit meat because these animals do not metabolically use phosphorus and phytase does not influence its intestinal absorption. 

Phytin is a thin layer of dry skin that surrounds the seeds of EDEN nuts. For example, it is the skin of almonds, it is the skin of walnuts, it is the skin of hazelnuts, it is the skin of pistachios, etc. Eating nuts gives you phytin. The natural live phytin phytate is the original chelator of the EDEN KIT, it is the specific nutrient for men, the elixir of eternal youth. And it must be carefully protected because water destroys it, as does heat and freezing. 
The diet must be exclusively EDEN phytic frugivorous to properly feed the phytate-dependent bacteria that produce phytase and vitamin K2. You cannot eat meat or fish or anything that moves on its own initiative, because they provide cholesterol and because the bacteria they feed do not produce phytase or vitamin K2. You also cannot eat vegetables because they do not support phytate-dependent bacteria and therefore do not have vitamin K2.

We have the age of our arteries. 
A diet based on phytic vegetables is ideal for keeping your arteries clean.
The cleaning of the arteries is carried out by BACILLUS SUBTILIS + FITIN + PHYTASSE + VITAMIN K2 + VIT. D2.
In humans: Ingestion and digestion of phytic fruits provides phytin. Phytin that passes into the blood mobilizes calcium from the blood to the bones and strengthens them. Likewise, phytin that passes into the blood removes calcium embedded in soft tissues. binds to calcium
 petrified in arteries and other soft parts. Phytin is the food of the bacteria bacillus subtilis. Bacillus subtilis only feeds on phytin. Bacillus subtilis produces the enzyme phytase in the digestive tract. The phytase that enters the blood binds to the phytin previously attached to the petrified calcium of the arteries and other soft tissues. Phytase breaks calcium bonds and dissolves calcifications. Bacillus subtilis produces vitamin K2. The vitamin K2 that enters the blood binds to the petrified calcium and removes it from the arteries. LDL cholesterol from the atheromatous plaques of arteriosclerosis is released and returns to the liver where it is broken down. The final result is arterial cleansing and rejuvenation of the arteries and other soft tissues.  
In phytic vegetables: phytin directly imprisons calcium in woody fibers and keeps the arteries of phytic vegetables clean. Bacillus subtilis lives in the leaves of phytic vegetables and, with the phytase it produces, decalcifies the calcium concretions in the soft parts of the vegetables.


Arteriosclerosis is an aging of the vascular system consisting of clogging of the arteries by atherosclerotic plaques that cause vascular accidents. In industrialized societies, 40% of people die due to arteriosclerosis (heart attack, cerebral stroke...). The arteries are covered, in their lumen, by a thin layer of non-stick cells, they form a slippery, non-stick vascular endothelium where nothing can stick. As long as they preserve physical integrity, they are not blocked. However, if the endothelium is injured, heavy metals stick and foreign cholesterol, animal cholesterol, and calcium are deposited on them. They form atheromatous plaques that block the affected arteries. 

Cholesterol is a natural substance and does not have the ability to damage the endothelium. Calcium is the alkaline earth element with atomic number 20. To satisfy the octet law, it easily gives up 2 electrons from its last electron shell and converts its penultimate electron shell into a virtual last shell with 8 electrons. The transferred electrons do not damage neighboring cells but rather enrich them with antioxidant electrons.
The vascular endothelium is damaged by the most toxic element that exists on Earth, public enemy number 1: FLUIDE. It never gives electrons, it always steals them from the first atom it finds in its path.
Fluoride that enters the blood damages and kills endothelial cells when it touches them. Once injury occurs to the vascular endothelium, the endothelium's own anti-adhesion capacity is lost in the damaged area. First the fluorine sticks and the calcium sticks on top of it. Fluorine binds to calcium, which spontaneously steals 2 electrons, which calcium has left over, and gives them away effortlessly. The two elements satisfy the octet law and the electron pair law with their ionic union. Cholesterol of animal origin is deposited on calcium and forms atheroma plaques. Excess exogenous cholesterol from eating meat increases arteriosclerosis.

The vitamin K1 from Anunnaki vegetables is used only for blood coagulation, but it does not intervene in the apoptosis of both old and cancerous cells, nor does it intervene by removing calcified calcium deposited in soft tissues. On the contrary, Vitamin K2 Elohim, which is only manufactured by the phytate-dependent bacteria of the EDEN Kit, also intervenes in blood coagulation and also in the suicide of cancer cells and in removing the calcium embedded in soft tissues and relocating it in  the bones . It is anti-cancer and anti-calcification.
The receptor for vitamin K1 is also the receptor for vitamin K2. There is competition to bind to the receiver, so if K1 is attached, K2 cannot be attached. Vegetarians, carnivores, non-phytic frugivores and omnivores deprive themselves of the usefulness of vitamin K2 with their diet. You can not serve to two lords.

Phytin supports its usual commensal on the surface:  Bacillus subtilis.  Bacillus subtilis only feeds on  phytin . Bacullus subtilis, well fed, manufactures the enzyme    phytase  and  vit.K2 in the intestine

Nuts are vital for  the entire human body. They contain phytate. Its anatomical shape clearly indicates which organ it especially favors. For example: Hazelnut to the heart, walnut to the brain, carob to the kidney. If you like to be natural, observe nature's instructions.  
If you look for fluorine you will see that it has already found you a long time ago. Just look around you.
It's in salt, in drinking water, in milk, in toothpaste.
Phytin captures fluoride in the digestive tract and prevents it from being absorbed and passed into the blood. The fluoride is eliminated through the feces with everything else that could not be separated from the phytin. 


Prions are intelligent proteins that are anchored to the surface of cells. Each cell has two prions, one from the father and one from the mother. They analyze the extracellular environment and communicate with the DNA of the nucleus. They can issue orders and control everything. The Prion is literally the brain of the cell. Without a prion, the cell is useless. When the cell wants to commit suicide at the end of its programmed life, the prion becomes inactivated and becomes unmoored and falls. Only then does water enter the cell interior and the cell explodes. Prions inactivated in apoptosis dissolve without leaving a trace.  
Cell death by murder is an artificial death that has consequences. When a cell is killed, it dies but without deactivating the prion that is still anchored to the surface. The anchored prion does not detach from the dead cell and instead of dissolving and disappearing, it  folds up  and becomes sticky . A folded prion is indestructible by the organism. It lasts a lifetime inside it. As prions accumulate, prion conglomerates appear attached to the tissues. They are the yellowish brownish spots that we see on the skin of the hands of elderly people.   



The folic vegetables of the Anunnaki diet provide all the vitamins to plug man's metabolic holes. They should be eaten raw because if they are cooked they lose their vitamins due to the heat of cooking.
The phytic vegetables of the EDEN DIET provide all the vitamins that man needs to plug his metabolic holes and continue with his aerobic metabolism  functioning. They must be eaten raw because heat destroys their vitamins. Phytin is the specific and unique food of phytate-dependent bacteria such as bacillus subtilis. Bacillus subtilis, after feeding with phytin, synthesizes in the digestive tract ALL THE VITAMINS THAT MAN NEEDS: 
 Vitamin. A, E, K2, B1, B2, B3. B4, B5. B6, B7, B8, B9, B12 and C. 



You can live the entire human genetic longevity without getting old or getting sick.


Aging is a disease that can be stopped

But what is lost is lost


It is false that aging is a law of life.

Aging is NOT mandatory.

You can live to be one hundred and twenty years old, completely young, with a twenty-year-old appearance, and die at the end of your life suddenly without pain due to simple cardio-respiratory arrest.

Only people who do not take care of their cells age, those who let them die before they exhaust their programmed life (programmed obsolescence), those who waste them by killing them irresponsibly before they commit suicide naturally (apoptosis) at the end of their programmed life. .

Genesis of cancer

Pre-ADANIC men did not get sick or age because they had regenerative medicine based on a cellular rejuvenation therapy governed by an oncogene.
With the arrival of ADADANIC GENETICS and its subsequent hybridization with pre-ADANAMIC, the new men lost the rejuvenation cell therapy, although they were left with an anti-aging cell therapy governed by the tumor suppressor gene. Despite having both genetics, the dominant gene is the tumor suppressor gene.  inherited from ADAM. In men the oncogene is secondary and the tumor suppressor gene is the main one. The malignant cells controlled by the oncogene inherited from the pre-ADANIC grow non-stop but cannot rejuvenate anything because they are outside their original pre-ADANIC physiology. They grow uncontrolled in an aerobic body controlled by a tumor suppressor gene, which is what really governs all aerobic human physiology.
The ADANIC human body functions with aerobic metabolism and health is aerobic.


 The disease is anaerobic . Cancer is anaerobic, infections are anaerobic, autoimmunity is anaerobic. There are no aerobic diseases . They are all anaerobic. Harmful cells are anaerobic and to kill them you have to use anaerobic cell killer medicines  . Such is the case of resveratrol from grapes, melatonin from nuts, amygdalin from bitter almonds of the prunus genus, cannabidiol from cannabis and the anti-cancer and anti-autoimmunity resins, myrrh and frankincense. The two resins are natural medicines with no expiration date. Even if the annual harvest of some phytic fruit is insufficient, the anaerobic cell killer resin will always be available. Commiphora resin has the power to kill cancerous and anaerobic cells (viruses, pathogens, etc.)
Autoimmunity also comes from pre-ADANIC genetics. 

The lulus were haploid, having a single genetic cluster of 23 chromosomes. ADAM was also haploid and had a genetic array of 24 chromosomes. The current ADAM man is diploid , they have two chromosomal linings, total 46 chromosomes. You can use any of the two genetics, that of lulu or that of ADÁN, although physiological behavior is the lifestyle that ADÁNIC genetics allows, that is: living calmly without getting tired and AVOIDING ANAEROBIC METABOLISM, that is, not working in strenuous jobs that require intense or prolonged physical activity such as sports, chain production or intense and prolonged sedentary lifestyle that favors aging and consequently cancer.  
The human body at rest and in moderate physical activity functions in aerobic metabolism. 
Anaerobic metabolism is activated when the human body performs intense physical activity. The oncogene is awakened in very intense physical activity because it is what governs anaerobic metabolism. Much more energy is obtained in anaerobic metabolism than in aerobic metabolism. For example, enough energy to break a sports record or to work intensely so that someone else can become rich. 
When physical overexertion stops, the oncogene goes to sleep and the tumor suppressor gene once again takes aerobic control and the cells recover their normal aerobic metabolism. But it may happen that after an action of the oncogene, not all cells return to aerobic metabolism. If the oncogene is not inactivated in a cell, it will become cancerous. In most cases, after very intense physical activity, the oncogene goes to sleep in all cells. The body knows that you have done wrong and warns you; Anaerobic metabolism produces lactic acid which is toxic to aerobic cells. After intense physical activity, pain and loss of strength occur. It is a reminder to man that his painless metabolism is aerobic and not anaerobic. On this planet, since the arrival of ADAM, Working intensely is inadvisable. You come to learn how this Universe of LOVE works, not to beat an Olympic record or to work intensely for another.
 The dominant gene is the tumor suppressor. The oncogene is recessive but latent in the human genome. If it wakes up, it takes control and turns a healthy aerobic cell into a cancerous anaerobic cell, which will grow non-stop with the intention of rejuvenating everything.


 But it does not produce rejuvenation because it grows uncontrolled within a body that is governed by the tumor suppressor gene. The continuous cell divisions of a cancer cell only produce tumor growth but not rejuvenation of the tissue to which it belongs. The anaerobic metabolism is that of cancer and is the metabolism of eternal youth in the "gods" but in terrestrial man it is prohibited and is mortal. ADANIC genetics prohibits rejuvenation, only allowing anti-aging for a time limited to 60 theomers. Terrestrial man is only allowed aerobic metabolism for "and his days will be one hundred and twenty years." Whoever breaks divine law on Earth runs the risk of dying precipitously from cancer.   

Cancer appears in people who do not follow the EDEN DIET.

The EDEN DIET has two kinds of food: nutritional foods and medicinal foods .   

Nutritional compounds , such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals and vitamins, feed and nourish man.  

Medicinal compounds such as phytin, amygdalin, resveratrol, cannabidiol and melatonin protect humans from diseases caused by anaerobic agents (cancer cells, infectious microorganisms, auto-immune cells) and from aging due to heavy metals and other toxins.
Phytin and phytase are the secret of EDEN's youth.
Amygdalin, resveratrol, cannabidiol and melatonin are the secret of health in EDEN

The DAILY EDEN DIET can prevent the appearance of cancer and can kill a small tumor. For larger tumors, attempts can be made to reduce and kill them with high doses of ANAEROBIC CELL KILLER concentrates, THAT IS: EATING HIGHER PROPORTIONS OF BITTER ALMONDS, GRAPE SEEDS, HEMP SEEDS, NUTS ALONG WITH MODERATE NAKED EXERCISE UNDER THE SUN.

The anti-cancer diet is a natural diet, that is, RAW. Cancer lurks behind pots, pans, pans, stoves, ovens, grills and microwaves.

 Physiological food is what feeds, heals and does not age.  Physiological eating is eating raw fruit, milk and honey because man is phytic raw-lacto-frugivore . Nature is natural and appears raw. Raw food provides vitamins and vitality. Heating food denatures it. The heat of cooking causes the cooked food to lose electrons and become acidic. Heat destroys the vitamins in food and makes it acidic. Cancer cells only grow in acidic body pH of devitalized and devitalized bodies. The non-phytic and non-hydroponic vegetarian diet: It is a maintenance diet. It only serves to stay alive but it does not serve to kill anaerobic cells, it does not cure anything and it is aged by heavy metals.  
The Mediterranean diet:  The EDEN DIET has suffered reptilian attacks to distort it. THE ANUNNAKI DIET HAS INVADED THE ELOHIM DIET. The result has been the appearance of a diet that is half EDEN and half FERTILE CROSSING: THE MEDITERRANEAN DIET.
The Mediterranean diet does not serve to stay young for the entire human longevity of "and his days shall be one hundred and twenty years." No one makes it to 120 years old or young. Approximately only 1.3% of the population achieves a life expectancy of around 80 years old and at risk of cancer, vascular accident, etc.

The vulnerability of fasting on Saturday:  With anaerobic metabolism a tumor can grow faster than the blood vessels that feed it with aerobic metabolism. In order not to starve to death due to ischemia, a tumor stops its growth several times, seasonally, to wait for the growth of the blood vessels that will feed it. During his break he switches to aerobic metabolism to not grow so quickly. In aerobic metabolism it is invulnerable to ANAEROBIC CELL KILLER (ACK) such as amygdalin, resveratrol, cannabidiol or melatonin.
To force the tumor to wake up and return to anaerobic metabolism, there is an infallible trap for a greedy tumor: Hunger. After fasting on Saturday, the entire day, the tumor driven by hunger will return to anaerobic metabolism to eat and be satisfied. It is from Sunday that the intake of amygdalin, resveratrol, cannabidiol and melatonin can act on a newly vulnerable tumor.
In this way, effective treatment against the tumor can be instituted continuously, week after week, without waiting for who knows when to wake up.



Malignant cells have several vulnerabilities that allow them to be attacked and killed.

The vulnerability of glucose:  Before ADAM all the cells of any living being functioned with glucose. With ADAM and his Survival Kit came fructose and docile galactose. Malignant cells feed exclusively on hexose glucose. With anaerobic metabolism they cannot feed on hexose other than glucose. They cannot feed on hexose fructose from fruit or hexose galactose from milk. 



Normal healthy cells, with aerobic metabolism, can feed on fructose and galactose. When you live in a land that flows with milk and honey, and you only eat fruit, milk and honey, healthy cells are fed and cancer cells starve . 


The vulnerability of the rhodanese enzyme:  Amygdalin from bitter almonds kills anaerobic cancer cells by metabolic asphyxiation.

Aerobic (good) cells use oxygen as the final acceptor of an electron chain that produces:

 Energy in the form of ATP +  cyanide  + H2O + CO2

Cyanide is toxic but does not harm the aerobic cell because it has an enzyme that is specially manufactured to neutralize cyanide. The enzyme RHODANASE, which neutralizes cyanide by converting it into thiocynate, a food for the cell.

RHODANASE is the most important enzyme in the body. Without it there is no aerobic life. All people make it. They all have it.

Bad (cancerous) cells have anaerobic metabolism,  they do not use oxygen as the final acceptor of an electron chain that produces:

 Energy in the form of ATP + Lactic acid + H2O + CO2. But they do NOT produce cyanide. 

They do not produce cyanide and do not need the rhodanese enzyme to neutralize it. Cancer cells do not produce rhodanese which means they can be killed with cyanide.

Amygdalin is cyanide wrapped in glucose. Like a poisoned candy for cancer.

Cyanide is toxic and damages the anaerobic cell because it does not have an enzyme to neutralize it. IT DOES NOT HAVE RHODANASE. So when human eats bitter almonds, cancer cells also eat its glucose and when the cyanide from amygdalin along with benzaldehyde is released inside the hungry cancer cell it kills it by suffocation.


Superoxide dismutase enzyme vulnerability:  Resveratrol from the skin and seeds of black grapes kills anaerobic cancer cells by metabolic oxidation . In the aerobic mitochondrial pathway, oxygen is used as the final electron acceptor. Electrons circulate like an electric current until the end of their journey where they join, two by two, to the hydrogen that we breathe, to form water. This is the mechanics of mitochondrial respiration, some leave and others arrive so that the flow of electrons does not stop and energy production is maintained. In the end, ATP, CO2, CYANIDE and H2O are produced.  

In the aerobic pathway, mitochondrial respiration is supervised by specific antioxidant enzymes: Superoxide dismutase captures free radicals, Glutathione transforms them into oxygenated water that is still toxic, and Catalase transforms it into harmless water. If an electron escapes from the electrical path, they capture it and convert it into hydrogen peroxide and then into water, and the good cell is not damaged.
On the contrary, in the anaerobic pathway, oxygen is not the final electron acceptor. In anaerobic cells, the intracellular antioxidant enzymes of mitochondrial respiration ARE NOT COUPLED because they are not needed. Which means that it is not prepared to neutralize oxygen 
 and can be oxidized. 
The seeds of black grapes and their skin contain resveratrol
. After eating black grapes, resveratrol increases the amount of Superoxide dismutase by 14 times. Within healthy aerobic cells, a deep cleaning of free radicals occurs with an increase in oxygenated water, which is then deoxygenated by catalase, and can be eliminated as harmless water. But in anaerobic cells the enzymatic reactions SOT==> GPT==> CAT are not chained. The increase in hydrogen peroxide CANNOT BE ELIMINATED and cancer cells die by oxidation.


The vulnerability of cannabidiol:   Acid cannabidiol is LIVE cannabidiol. It is found in live leaves, live flowers (white) and seeds of hemp and cannabis. Together with vitamin K2 and vitamin D, they cause the forced suicide of cancer cells and have no psychotropic effects. On the other hand, the cannabidiol in dried flowers (brown) is dead (decarboxylated) and does not induce the suicide of cancer cells. It only causes psychotropic effects.   

The vulnerability of melatonin:  During the day, human anandamide and cannabidiol (plant anandamide) prevent cancer. At night it is melatonin that prevents cancer. The amount of internal melatonin at night depends directly on the amount of moderate physical exercise performed naked in the sun. The external melatonin in nuts prevents the growth of cancer cells during the night.  

Calcitriol Vulnerability:  Moderate physical activity naked under the sun produces 1,25(OH)2 cholecalciferol in the kidney which  prevents the growth  of cancer cells during the day under the Sun. 


The Elohim agenda created a free ADÁNIC man so that he would not use his time to work for another but to learn how the Universe of Love works. Those who live in the shadows feed on low frequencies (pain, anxiety, hatred, despair, anger , frustration, helplessness, depression, etc.) generated by humans.

Since the arrival of ADAM and the EDEN KIT, the reptilians, following the guidelines of those who live in the shadows, have attacked and distorted EDEN so that the Elohim agenda of the new ADANIC man fails. Instead of LOVE, WHICH IS THE universal LAW of this universe, THEY PREFER FEAR AND SUFFERING which is the food in the Universe to RECEIVE from it. The result of their attacks is the return of aging and disease on Earth.
The terrestrial man ages, gets sick and generates low frequency feelings (pain, anxiety, hatred, despair, anger, frustration, impotence, depression, etc.) that are the food of those who live in the shadows. Hence the interest in the existence of suffering on Earth due to wars, diseases, aging, hunger, etc.



False: "You have to eat everything and a variety" 

You have to eat products that serve as food and that prevent or/and cure diseases and aging. Not everything serves as food. There are things that only serve maintenance. "Eating everything" includes eating vegetables, non-phytic fruits, eggs and meat. These ingredients do not feed, they just keep you alive.  If the intention is to live your entire genetic longevity of one hundred and twenty years young and without getting sick, select the appropriate fuel because "everything" is not going to serve as food. You can not serve to two lords. And if you mix all the fruit of the seed you have sown ("maintenance food") and the product of the vineyard (youth and health) they will be useless, as happens in the Mediterranean diet.   

Physiological food is what nourishes, heals and does not age. Physiological eating is eating raw wheat, raw fruit, milk and honey because man is a phytic raw-lacto-frugivore. Nature is natural and appears raw. Raw food provides vitamins and vitality. Heating food denatures it. The heat of cooking in the Mediterranean diet causes cooked foods to lose electrons and become acidic, which means that anandamide cannot bind correctly to the CB3 receptor and the GPR55 protein is released, which leads to cancer. Heat destroys the vitamins in foods and acidifies them. Cancer cells only grow in acidic body pH of devitaminized and devitalized bodies.
The non-phytic vegetarian diet: It is a maintenance diet. It only serves to stay alive but does not serve to kill anaerobic cells, it does not cure anything and allows aging due to heavy metals if it has not been obtained in hydroponics. 
The Mediterranean diet: The EDEN DIET has suffered reptilian attacks to distort it. THE ANUNNAKI DIET HAS INVADED THE ELOHIM DIET. The result has been the appearance of a diet that is half EDEN and half FERTILE CROSSING: THE MEDITERRANEAN DIET.
The Mediterranean diet does not help to stay young throughout the human longevity of "and his days will be one hundred and twenty years." No one manages to reach 120 years old, neither young nor old. With the Mediterranean diet, approximately only 1.3% of the population achieves a life expectancy of about 80 years when they are old and at risk of cancer, vascular accident, etc.


False: "Man is omnivorous" 

There are people who affirm that man is omnivorous and that is why you have to eat everything AND ESPECIALLY MEAT BECAUSE OF ITS HIGH PROTEIN VALUE.  
The predator's teeth have long incisors and you only have 1 movement up and down. They tear the meat, chew little and gobble.
Ruminant animals have 2 mandibular movements: Up and down and from left to right and vice versa. The lateral movement is for shredding vegetables.
Man has both movements and is a phytic crudi-lacto-frugivore. He is not carnivorous. Just because he can chew everything doesn't mean he should swallow everything. 

It is advisable to eat things that serve as nourishment but not things that serve as maintenance and allow aging and illness.
There are those who claim that you should eat meat because it has a higher protein value than vegetables, and that foods rich in protein are an essential part of a healthy and balanced diet.
Amino acids are structured in the body to form meat. Amines are basically amino acids. The breakdown of amino acids, for example by heat in cooking meat, releases amines. When amines join nitrites or/and nitrates they form nitrosamines. When meat is cooked, nitrosamines can form, which are cancerous.
The protein value of foods expresses the amount of protein in grams per 100 grams. It is recommended to eat meat because it has more protein value than vegetables and fruits. However, the higher the protein value, the greater the amount of heterocyclic amines (HCAs) released during cooking and the greater the amount of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), which increases the risk of generating cancer, as the WHO warned.


False: " Phytate is antinutrient. "

There are people who claim that phytate is an antinutrient and that therefore the consumption of nuts should be limited because they contain phytate.
HOWEVER, FITIN-TYPE PHYTATE IS THE SPECIFIC NUTRIENT FOR HUMAN BEINGS because the function of phytin is to prevent heavy metals from passing into the blood during the digestion of food, and to clean the calcium deposited in the soft tissues as in arteriosclerosis, kidney stone or calcium tendinitis and reposition it in the bones to avoid osteoporosis.
The natural phytate of vegetables is myo-inositol calcium magnesium hexaphosphate (phytin). It is produced in vegetables by the union of phytic acid with calcium and magnesium to phosphates. 
Calcium and magnesium are two alkaline earth elements, meaning that they will easily shed 2 electrons from their last shell in order to be able to keep 8 electrons in the penultimate one, turning it into a virtual last shell of 8 electrons in order to satisfy the octet law. Since they have an even atomic number, they do not have to satisfy the electron pair law.
Calcium phytate and sodium phytate   They are synthetic phytates (non-natural, non-vegetable, non-living, dead) that were used in bio-availability studies as substitutes for natural phytin-type phytate because it is not available. Sodium has to satisfy the octet law and since it has an odd atomic number (11) it also has to satisfy the electron pair law, so the bond to other compounds, as a chelator, is stronger than that which forms the phytin (Ca+Mg of even atomic number). The unions of calcium phytate and sodium phytate chelates with nutrients strongly retain lighter elements such as hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon, acting as anti-nutrients. It is reported on the Internet that phytate, without specifying which one, is an antinutrient that is not appropriate. It is not advisable to eat nuts all day, Only LIVE natural calcium magnesium phytate is found in nuts.  Sodium phytate and calcium phytate are found in laboratories and not in nuts or phytic fruits.
The natural live phytin phytate is the original chelator of the EDEN KIT, it is the specific nutrient for men, the elixir of eternal youth. And it must be carefully protected because water destroys it, as does heat, freezing and germination. Nuts are the basic food of EDEN throughout the year. Ripe fruits are the complementary food in EDEN in the hot season. Believing that phytate is anti-nutrient leads to eating few nuts and aging and illness.


 False:  "You have to cook the food"

There are people who claim that you have to cook foods because some have antinutrients that are inactivated by the heat during cooking.
Nature is natural and served raw. Cooking raw means denaturing what is natural. Fruit has no antinutrients, nor does milk, honey, or wheat.

 What only serves as maintenance must be cooked to eliminate antinutrients, for example: Eggs contain avidin, a glycoprotein that destroys vitamin B8. Crustaceans, mollusks and most fish contain thiaminase, an enzyme that destroys thiamine (vit.B1). Raw meat may contain trichina and other pathogens. But all that is not from EDEN.

Cooking food has consequences:
The heat of cooking destroys vitamins and denatures meat proteins and heterocyclic amines ( HCA ) appear, which are cancerous.
Cooking meat fat can generate vapors and fumes that contain polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons ( PAHs ) that are also carcinogenic.
The carcinogenic effect of cooked meat is amplified when the AHC and the (HAP) coincide.
Nitrites and nitrates can also bind to cooked meat and further amplify the carcinogenic effect.  
The great daily invasion of ions into our body is caused by ourselves by eating cooked (heated) foods, with preservatives, flavorings, colorings, etc. When heated, they lose electrons and ionize, becoming free radicals that steal electrons as they pass through our body. Cells are damaged and die before exhausting their programmed life. The digestive tract is the organ that presents the most cancer.
The heat destroys the phytin and the bacillus subtilis, with which heavy metals pass into the blood and the calcium deposited in soft tissues cannot be removed, as in arteriosclerosis, nor can it be repositioned in the bones to avoid osteoporosis.


"Bread must be baked because heat destroys the antinutrients contained in wheat"

Not all antinutrients are harmful in the diet. There are beneficial ones. Wheat contains specific antinutrients to prevent glucose, whether it comes from legumes, cereals or meat, from feeding cancer.

The carnivore diet:  It is the most dangerous. Meat is the muscles of animals (fish, insects, mammals, etc.). Meat contains glucose which is the specific food for the anaerobic metabolism of cancer. The World Health Organization (WHO) warned in 2015 that eating meat causes cancer, especially red and processed meat.
Along with the glucose in the meat, another glucose concentrate, glycogen, is stored. Eating meat is eating glucose with glycogen. Glycogen is broken down into more glucose in the digestive tract. Eating meat supercharges cancer.
In the war against cancer, the most effective behavior is not to feed the cancer so that it does not grow and to starve it. Cancer can starve itself by eating exclusively wheat, fruit, milk and honey because cancer only feeds on hesoxa glucose and cannot feed on hesoxa galactose in milk or hesoxa fructose in fruit and honey or mannose from wine
 The most consumed food in the EDEN DIET is wheat bread. The function of bread within the EDEN DIET is to prevent glucose from being absorbed in the digestive tract. Meat is the maximum concentration of glucose that exists to feed cancer. Sun-dried raw wheat bread is capable of preventing the absorption of glucose, for example from ingested meat, at the intestinal level. It acts at all levels of glucose absorption.
Starch is a polymer of vegetable glucose. It is the reserve carbohydrate of mainly leguminous vegetables and cereals, and is practically non-existent in phytic fruits. Eating phytic fruits does not feed the cancer starchy glucose. 
Glycogen is a polymer of animal glucose and is abundant in meat. Meat provides the highest amount of glucose for cancer. The Elohim wheat of the EDEN DIET contains antiamylase . Amylase is the enzyme that breaks down starch and glycogen in saliva and the digestive tract to generate glucose. Eating whole raw wheat, rich in anti-amylase, reduces the absorption of the specific food for cancer cells, glucose. 
The antiamylase enzyme is destroyed by heat. It is found in the skin of the wheat grain. When the grains are peeled, the bran rich in anti-amylase and a peeled whitish wheat grain without vitamins or anti-amylases are obtained. Eating bread made from cereal flour, peeled and cooked, offers bread without antiamylases, vitamins or phytin, only starch that will serve to produce glucose, the food for cancer. Cooked bread allows abundant cancer food to be absorbed in the intestine and pass into the blood. The lack of active phytin in cooked bread allows the passage of heavy metals and consequent aging.
In addition to anti-amylase, wheat contains anti-pepsin . . Antipepsin inhibits the breakdown of proteins from meat in the stomach, but not those from fruit because they are different. Antipepsin prevents the generation of glucose, from meat, for cancer. Prevents the degradation of meat in the stomach, at the polypeptide level.
Wheat, in addition to anti-amylase and anti-pepsin, contains antitrypsin . Antitrypsin inhibits the breakdown of meat proteins in the duodenum at the oligopeptide level to obtain amino acids. Avoid generating glucose, from meat, for cancer. Wheat should not be dried above 60ºC. It must be eaten raw. Left to soak for a day exposed to the angel of the Sun and Air. Make thin wafers and let them dry  



False:  Wash or/and Peel the fruit before eating it to eliminate toxins and microbes.
Not all microbes are toxic, some are beneficial.

The skin of phytic fruits supports and feeds bacillus subtilis . The function of Bacillus subtilis is to produce all the vitamins that man needs to plug his metabolic holes. It also produces the enzyme PHITASE which, together with FITIN and all the vitamins it produces together (A, E, K2, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B7, B8, B9, B12 and C) are the cornerstone of "eternal youth" in EDEN. People who wash or/and peel fruits do not repopulate their intestinal flora with bacillus subtilis on a daily basis, which is why they get old and sick. 


Amygdalin is an anaerobic cell killer and the most effective natural anticancer against cancer. Synthetic amygdalin is not approved as a medicine and its marketing is prohibited. In other words, taking amygdalin to prevent or kill cancer is prohibited.

FALSE BITTER ALMOND. "Bitter almonds contain cyanide and can kill." 

There are those who claim that eating 4 or 5 almonds is dangerously deadly.

 Toxicological studies indicate that the amount of deadly cyanide for man is about 8 mg/kg of weight. A man weighing 75 kilos requires 600 mg of cyanide to die. 
The different bitter almonds that exist from the prunus genus (cherry, plum, apricot, peach and bitter almond) have different amounts of cyanide that ranges between 200 and 400 mg/Kg. of natural peeled almonds. 8.5% of the weight of the almond is water, which, discounting it, results in about 1100 gr. of dried almond. The one that contains the most is the bitter almond from Prunus amygdalus amara. About 400 mg per kilogram. It is estimated that eating in one sitting between 1650 gr. dry shelled almond of prunus amygdalus amara or/and 3300 gr. of dry shelled bitter almonds of the other prunus genera can kill an adult person.
To die from eating bitter almonds, in a supposed 75 kg man, approximately 1100 grams are needed. of raw dried shelled almonds, that is, 1100 dried shelled almonds of 1.1 gr. each of Prunus amygdalus amara, eaten rapidly in minutes to bring the total amount of cyanide needed to kill to the same time, so that the constant purifying capacity of rhodanese does not reduce it below the lethal dose. The almond shell represents approximately 80% of the almond's weight, while the shelled almond represents 20%.

To die from eating bitter almonds you should eat, in one sitting, 1100 g of raw peeled almonds, which is equivalent to  4.4 kg of bitter almonds in shell. In other words, eating a large basket full of bitter almonds can kill you if you don't vomit in disgust first.

In the annals of medicine there is no one who has died from eating bitter almonds.
The sweet almond (prunus amygdalus dulcis) is an Anunnaki creation that is the one found in supermarkets. It has managed to cancel out the bitter almond. It's the same as her but without the amygdalin. It is not used to cure cancer and it is the only one that is marketed.
There is a worldwide campaign to eliminate the species prunus amygdalus amara from the face of the Earth.


The bitter almond tree is the jewel in the crown of EDEN because it produces bitter almond with amygdalin which is the greatest killer of anaerobic cells. The greatest anticancer.
The persecution is unstoppable. 
Bitter almond trees are detected with drones.

NIRS near-infrared spectroscopy technology makes them glow with a special light when illuminated.

They are uprooted

There is a global campaign to eliminate the prunus amygdalus amara species from the face of the Earth.

But even if EDEN is left without the jewel in the crown, there will still be 4 more genera of prunus and their bitter seeds.

Peach, apricot, plum and cherry.
These delicious fruits cannot be eliminated. 


Prunus Amygdalus Amara of EDEN  Vs  Prunus Dulcis Anunnaki

The original versus the upstart

The bitter almond from prunus amygdalus amara is the original. Originally from EDEN, a strange mutation arose from it that originated the variant " prunus dulcis " which is no longer bitter almond because it does not contain amygdalin, it loses it as it matures.  The prunus dulcis almond is a live food but without medication and is only used to feed but does not kill anaerobic cells of any kind. It is the one that is not persecuted and can be easily purchased in the market to the point of obfuscating the bitter almond. The amygdalin in the almond tree is the natural defense of the bitter almond tree against infections by pathogenic microorganisms (anaerobic).    

Amygdalin kills anaerobic cells of all types such as viruses and bacteria that infect plant cells when they take their glucose bait. Thanks to it, the bitter almond tree can live its long lifespan of 1000 years healthy, like all the phytic trees of EDEN, and reach great size.

Centennial wild bitter almond.

Giant bitter almond trees that are several hundred years old are no longer seen today. The almond trees prunus var. dulcis do not have amygdalin so they tend to become infected by anaerobic pathogens and die young. Most die before the age of 50 and do not usually exceed 5 meters in height. The few that manage to reach 100 years of age do not exceed 10 meters. Farmers, knowing its innate weakness, graft the stem of the almond tree prunus amygdalus amara with the stem of prunus dulcis. Thus they avoid premature death due to infection of the roots but they cannot avoid infection of the stem, and the almond tree dies at an early age, in a sweet death, due to a strange "Anunnaki suicidal mutation."


Anandamide is the substance that controls the entire physiology and human body. It is produced in all cells of the body. The one that is produced in the brain generates well-being and happiness and only occurs when you are happy. Decreases unhappiness and depression. Hence the interest in making man suffer so that he becomes ill. The one produced in all body cells serves to block the activation of the GPR55 protein, which controls tissue formation and induces cancer. Anandamide binds to your CB3 receptor and activates it. CB3 blocks the GPR55 protein and stops the oncogene and consequently the production of new tissues. For anandamide to bind to its receptor, an alkaline Ph of 7.3 is required. If the Ph is lower, anandamide cannot bind well to CB3, the GPR55 protein is released and triggers the shrinkage that causes a malignant cell. However, in the happy man, anandamide is abundant and produces, in the presence of vitamin K2 and vitamin D2, the suicide of cancer cells (apoptosis of cancer cells). Live, green cannabis leaves contain vitamin D2 and are the official host of bacillus subtilis that produces vitamin K2. Eating hemp/cannabis leaves or its live flowers and seeds gives you 3X1 against cancer. 


Plant anandamide is cannabidiol acid (CBDA) which is identical to brain anandamide. Consuming raw and live cannabis has the same effect as brain anandamide. It produces happiness and improves cellular functioning and health. However, when the cannabis plant dries and dies, the acidic cannabidiol (CBDA) is decarboxylated and transformed into dead cannabidiol (CBD).


 Although it can bind to cannabidiol receptors, it produces the opposite effect. CBD that binds to CB3 receptors makes it difficult for anandamide to bind to its receptor and the GPR55 protein can be released... CBD
 that binds to the CB2 receptor of the immune system hinders and distorts the immune response, which can lead to immune diseases such as Crohn's Disease in young smokers.
The one that binds to the CB1 receptor in the brain causes a psychotropic effect that distorts the perception of the senses and easy laughter in a pleasant environment.
With raw and affordable natural cannabidiol, humanity could get rid of cancer. The reptilians banned the cultivation and consumption of cannabis in practically all countries. Currently, in few countries, the cultivation of cannabis for personal use is allowed, but it does not worry reptilians because they know that humans will use it dead (marijuana). They use it as a psychotropic to recreate their mind and not to cure cancer, and although the smoker feels momentarily better with his mind laughing outwardly, his health cries inside.


Resveratrol is a killer of all types of anaerobic cells, for example cancer cells and pathogenic microorganisms. It is a powerful anticancer through the enzyme superoxide dismutase and glutathione that produce oxygenated water inside the cells. Hydrogen peroxide is toxic to cancer cells and kills them because they cannot eliminate it. 
Resveratrol is found in the skin of black grapes and in their seeds. In supermarkets it is difficult to find black grapes, white and pink predominate and both are seedless. Red wine that is produced from black grapes has suffered an attack on its resveratrol. 
Carbonic winemaking is the ancestral tradition of the patriarchs. The bunches of grapes were stacked in clay pots and covered. The bunches of grapes were fermented whole in an atmosphere poor in O2- and rich in CO2. The most flattened ones tended to break and the superficial ones were crushed. In the end, the result was a broth without so many tannins, fruity and with abundant resveratrol.  
The wine of today is not like that of the patriarchs. They fermented the entire bunches of grapes, with all the grape skin and all the seeds. The wines were more flavorful, aromatic, fruity and, above all, had much more resveratrol than current wines. Totally healthy wines. Truly invigorating wines. Now everything has changed. Since destemming and grape crushing machines were introduced, wines are not as powerful in flavor, smell or resveratrol. To prevent the oxygen remaining inside the barrels from accelerating the process of turning wine into vinegar, some winegrowers use sulfur fumes to replace oxygen with sulfur. In this way it is possible to extend the conservation of the wine in the butts for longer and the wines can age for years.
The alcohol in natural wine, taken in the right amount, does not damage or age. Resveratrol increases the amount of superoxide dismutase by 14 times and the scavenging of free radicals increases by 14 times. The anti-aging effect is increased up to 14 times by drinking ancient red wine. However, taken in excess it can make you drunk and then it does oxidize the drunk. When the Romans wanted to get drunk without aging, they mixed wine and myrrh. Myrrh is a very powerful antioxidant that neutralizes SUPER-OXIDE (O2). "The metabolization of wine is through the manolysis route that connects with fructolysis and does not produce glucose for cancer. In EDEN everything is planned.



Melatonin is a substance produced at night in the pineal gland. It induces sleep and blocks telomeres so that cancer cells do not reproduce, preventing cancer while sleeping.
An adequate amount of nocturnal melatonin depends on an amount of moderate physical activity performed during the day. 
EDEN's phytic nuts (pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts) produce melaronin. Eating nuts protects against cancer and stops it.
EDEN's phytic nuts contain melatonin and phytin-like phytate in the skin. The reptilians reported that phytate, without specifying which one, is an antinutrient and since phytate is found in nuts, it is recommended not to eat nuts to avoid mineral deficiencies and so on. Without nuts people are at the mercy of cancer at night sleeping.
The chemical melatonin, synthetic in the laboratory, is marketed as a food supplement to induce sleep. It is only authorized for a daily dose of less than 2 mg. Synthetic melatonin begins to be effective at doses greater than 5 mg.


It is based on a food pyramid that mixes everything edible along with chemical additives such as preservatives, colorings, flavorings, among others toxic to the body, wrapped in a container with a barcode.

  The 3 long bars of the code are read by the scanner as "666" and suggests that no one can buy or sell without the number that designates a "still flesh" man closer to the beasts than to the Galactic Human.

The 666 diet accelerates aging and increases the likelihood of suffering from cancer.

matrix matrix gif

The result is a food pyramid that ages and gets sick rapidly.

It's just a matter of time



Currently there is only one town that follows the EDEN DIET. THE HUNZA DO NOT KNOW AGING OR CANCER.
You can return to EDEN, the land flowing with milk and honey. Seek and you will find EDEN. DO NOT CONFUSE YOU, EDEN IS NOT A PHYSICAL PLACE, IT IS A PHYTIC PLACE.